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Rancho Jihad

Radical extremists take over a ranch in Wyoming and designate it as an independent sovereignty exempt from the laws of the United States.

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Curse of the Covenant

A beautiful CIA officer hacks a vast cache of digital files documenting years of unreported clergy abuse.

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Last Seen Missing

Xavier DuBois sets out to win the release of an American hostage held captive in Iran only to learn the hostage will not be released until a mysterious computer virus creating havoc throughout the Middle East is neutralized. But is the price too high? Xavier confronts his dilemma head on in Last Seen Missing. Read more here.

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Creatures of the Covenant

This is a novel about the animal rights movement. Deacon Tremont, assisted by his girlfriend Clare and a burnt-out old hippie named Francis, set up a no-kill sanctuary for animals in remote Utah. The sanctuary becomes known within the movement as the Fleabag Hotel. When Deacon launches his own undercover operation against the Institute for Dietary Freedom—a conglomerate which supplies meat products to fast food franchises—he runs up against an opponent who will stop at nothing to bring him down. Read more here.

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Grail Tale

Shortly after Jackie Blue, a youthful street musician, checks into rehab, he begins exhibiting signs of mental illness characterized by prior life experiences and time travel. While undergoing psychiatric treatment, Jackie hints that he is in possession of the Holy Grail, which, for purposes of concealment, has been reconfigured into a trumpet. When Jackie plays the magical trumpet, the troubled souls within the clinic experience soothing, and, in some instances, miraculous relief. Is Jackie simply delusional; or, is he possibly an unrevealed seer and prophet? Read more here.

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Wendy’s Sleeper Cell

When Wendy Shanahan’s nineteen year old son is killed in Baghdad by a road side bomb, Wendy doesn’t blame the White House; she doesn’t blame Big Oil; and she doesn’t blame God. Wendy blames the cowards who are really responsible for the death of so many fine men and woman like her son. And she decides she’s going do something about it. But as she plunges headlong down the path of vengeance, she discovers it isn’t going to be easy to find a target truly deserving of her wrath – until she realizes she is the one actually being hunted. Read more here.

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Relics of the Covenant

When a grave robber offers to sell the bones of legendary Chief Crazy Horse to the highest bidder, Xavier DuBois, Homeland Security, investigates the crime. Can the lost bones of Chief Crazy Horse be recovered? Can the man who looted his grave be brought to justice? As he pursues his investigation, Xavier discovers he will do anything to solve the crime—including compromising his own career. Read more here.

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Faded Tattoos

This is a novel about POWS held captive in Vietnam after the end of the war. I got the idea for the book while standing on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. one day in January, 1981, shortly after the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, watching the welcome home parade for the return of the Iranian hostages. I remember waving at the bus carrying the former hostages (later commemorated on a U.S. postage stamp), and thinking, it would be so nice if we could all celebrate the return of those POWS remaining in Vietnam. So I decided to write a novel about the escape of a fictional POW named Waylon Truesdale. (I crafted a silver POW bracelet commemorating my hero, Lieutenant Truesdale, including the date of his capture, and I still wear it.) It took me five years to write the novel (published by Tor Books in 1988 and now out of print), but I learned a lot along the way and I’m pleased with the end results. As is often said, “All gave some … Some gave all.”

About the Author


J.S. Bradford

What I like about writing fiction is that it always produces results when addressing the conflicts of life. And that can become addictive! If you don’t like the story’s outcome, you can pose an alternative solution. If you’re lucky, the characters will take over and do the job themselves.

So, when I wrote Grail Tale, I was able to take a compelling idea—the rediscovery of the Holy Grail in a rehabilitation clinic, and use it to revisit the tales of the Grail—with a romantic outcome that was hopefully just right. When writing Wendy’s Sleeper Cell, I looked at Wendy’s deep inner conflict over losing her son in Iraq, and explored her thirst for vengeance. With Creatures of the Covenant, my objective was to take the characters running an animal sanctuary and move them into a world of conflict and see what happens.

I enjoyed writing the Broken Covenant Series and the No Asylum Series. I am currently working on a new series called the Blood and Treasure Series. Thank you for visiting.


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